Big Data Solutions at a Fraction of the Cost.


"uReveal is the only application in our portfolio that we do not consistently have to rely on IT to support.”


"By leveraging uReveal's technology, we are able to find and analyze the critical information we need while leaving the data in its natural state."


"Our investigators were able to reduce their manual analysis process from 80 hours per person to 1 hour per week by leveraging uReveal.”

- Federal-State Intelligence Agency


The agencies and functions of government—federal, state, and local—are reeling from the impact of “Big Data.” This deluge of information is increasingly in the form of “unstructured” textual data—everything from documents and narrative reports to emails, blogs, and text messages. uReveal is an essential solution for government because its revolutionary software can harmonize and fuse data from all these disparate sources (and more) and because it empowers the user to apply his or her expertise in identifying critical information.

Among uReveal’s critical applications for government clients are behavior analytics, which enables analysts and security teams to uncover suspicious behaviors and threats without resorting to personal profiling; fraud detection, which can include spotting sophisticated banking activity, often gang-related, such as money laundering and structuring; and regulatory compliance, which typically can be determined only by “eDiscovery”—a thorough capturing of relevant unstructured data embedded in online text.

Behavior Analytics

uReveal has revolutionized behavior analytics by enabling analysts to identify suspicious or criminal behavior in all forms of e-data. Until now, behavior analytics has focused on uncovering patterns within structured fields. But today’s growing flood of “Big Data” is mainly unstructured, such as text embedded within documents, reports, emails, blogs and text messages. read more

Fraud Detection

Government agencies and departments must prevent or halt fraudulent behavior that can seriously harm the general public. Terrorists and drug operators often make suspicious bank transactions to hide their activities. Swindlers use stolen identities to claim entitlement benefits such as Medicare or Medicaid. Corrupt business people engage in bid-rigging to claim government contracts at the expense of taxpayers. read more

Compliance and Declassification

Public agencies and departments, like their private sector counterparts, face a growing burden of complex laws and regulations. To prove compliance, the agencies often have to quickly and thoroughly comb through their eData —an increasingly impossible task for staff who manually review the data... read more